Chiron is a feature for Windows 10 that leverages the architecture for virtual desktops and uses AI to catalogue a user's activities to help workers manage their work and personal life. 


Sakshat Goyal
Javan Wang
Mengxiao Song
Khai Nyugen

My Role:

Design of Research Activities 
Interview Guides
Literature Review
Competitive Analysis
Research Synthesis

Usability Testing
Interaction Design


We were asked to identify ways to improve personal productivity among self-employed workers by helping them block their digital distractions. While the assumption was that if there was a smart way to block notifications and access to sites that could distract people, we soon learned that it was merely an assumption. 

Our research from a variety of sources showed us that blocking distractions could lead to additional stress, and self-employed workers could not prevent distractions as it was part of their work. 


Our approach was to help users organize their digital distractions rather than block elements of their life. We designed a feature for Windows 10 that helps users better manage their activities.

Chiron intelligently identifies common patterns among different application windows and internet browser tabs to give suggestions to users on how they could create new activity containers (desktops) for the bucketed windows and tabs.

Users can also leave memos for themselves to remind them where they left their work off, and have a quick recap of their previous work. 

This is an overview of the project. More details are coming soon, but I'm happy to elaborate over a quick chat. 

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